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Random Musings

On this page you will find random musings on various aspects of mathematics. There is not set schedule for these thoughts. Keep coming back here often. I hope that you find it interesting.
Wojciech Komornicki
Chair, Department of Mathematics

Vol 5: Looking for a Job

As graduation season is upon us I have been thinking about two matters.

* What should you know now that you have a math major?
* What are employers who are seeking mathematically talented applicants asking?

I have had a wonderful book on my bookshelf:

Heard on the Street: Quantitative Questions from Qall Stree Job Interviews
The book is now in it's 9th edition and is a wonderfull compendium of actual questions asked in interviews. From conversations with people who have recently been on the job market, these types of questions are not specific to Wall Street. Here is a sample:

Is this what you expect in your coming job interviews?

For What should you know ..., stay tuned.

May 15 2012

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