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Mathematics Competitions

Over the years, the Department of Mathematics has fielded teams which have taken part in both the North Central Section of the Mathematical Assocition of America (NCS-MAA) Mathematical Competition and the William Lowel Putnam Mathematics Competition. Hamline's Team has scored in the top 15% of schools in the North Central Section.

Problem Solving is a wonderful way to explore new areas of mathematics and many fascinating problems can be phrased without any advanced mathematics. Here are some past problems from the North Center Section Competition
     ♦ 2010 Competition (solutions)
     ♦ 2009 Competition (solutions)
     ♦ 2008 Competition (solutions)
     ♦ 2007 Competition (solutions)
     ♦ 2006 Competition (solutions)
     ♦ 2005 Competition (solutions)
     ♦ 2004 Competition (solutions)
     ♦ 2003 Competition (solutions)
     ♦ 2001 Competition (solutions)
     ♦ 2000 Competition
     ♦ 1999 Competition
     ♦ 1997 Competition

You can find past Putnam Competition problems by following the link above.

If you would like to take part in a mathematics competition or would just like to increase your problem solving skills, please send an email to the address below and let us know.

A final note: Take a look at the problems and try doing them on your own. Some of them you may solve within a few minutes. Others may take you a bit longer. Don't give up just because you have worked on a problem for an hour or two. You will be much more gratified if you solve the problems on your own than if you just look at the solutions.